December 7


Book Review: Fade by Robert Cormier

By TheGeekyBeachBabe

Book Synopsis (from Goodreads): IT IS THE summer of 1938 when young Paul Moreaux discovers he can “fade.” First bewildered, then thrilled with the power of invisibility, Paul experiments. But his “gift” soon shows him shocking secrets and drives him toward a chilling act.

Book Review

This is one of my absolute favorite books of all time. I’ve read it a few times but just re-read it recently because I remember the slight drama surrounding it. About fifteen years ago (the book was originally published in 1988, though that is far before I read it the first time), I just lived for this book. I remember I was on vacation and was supposed to be out enjoying my time and playing with relatives but instead I was laying on my bed reading this book every chance I could get.

Fade is set in the 1930s but that doesn’t matter. It is completely relevant today simply because it deals with the raw feelings of a young teen PLUS all the great fantastical things that happen to him because of his ability to “fade” (that is to say, he becomes invisible). You would think this ability would be a gift, but as you see everything in Pauls’ point of view, it is anything but. I love the implications that he can do whatever he pleases (and I can think of some fun ones as well) but each time, reality slaps Paul in the face.

About halfway through the book, we are introduced to present-day story which is too good to be true. It’s as if Robert Cormier is picking up on your hopes and dreams and giving you what you want on a silver platter – except we don’t get the answers we so desperately want right away. No, we have to work for them. And that we do, as readers of Fade.

Honestly if I can ever promote an oldie but a goodie, this is it.

My Rating: (5/5)

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